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Why people choose us

Our delicious story

Few words about us

A long time ago, aspiring chefs grew up in different parts of India. Hungry for knowledge and food, they mastered their training and as luck would have it, they came together in a mysterious place and recognized the immense demand for delicious food. They wanted to share their gift with other people and decided to emigrate and perfect and pass on their techniques. After many years of international professional experience, this handful of people in Vienna was chosen to pursue their true calling.
Kumar’s Kitchen’s most important ingredients are fresh foods and exotic spices. These real treasures enrich our lives. Just as the whole peppercorn and its essential oils are perfect, so many of the spices find their way into the kitchen in their entire form. Only before the food is prepared, spices are ground in order to keep the quality high and to give each dish a certain note. With the right use of ingredients, our chefs create unforgettable taste experiences. The classic Indian recipes are brought to the highest level for the palate through the selection of secret spice mixtures.
In addition, our team not only adheres to all strict hygiene measures, but also knows the importance for vegetarians and vegans from the clear separation of ingredients and dishes and respects these principles every day.
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Indian Holi food
Food traditional Indian cuisine. Dal, Palak paneer, curry, rice, chapati, chutney in wooden bowls on dark background.

The Art of cooking

Our Service

The moment you come to us with a requirement, special thoughts are put to work. The idea is to sit back and enjoy these happy days of your life with the best and most authentic Indian food in Vienna. We deal in all types of Indian foods as we believe that food is most important at any gathering.
We also believe in best quality service to our guests. Customer satisfaction has been the one and only goal for us in our business. We take immense pleasure serving the customer with the best quality food and offer corporate caterings as well.
We pride ourselves on creating unique dishes to perfect every special occasion. From casual home get togethers and office lunches to huge weddings and celebrations. The Services are completely customized to your budget.

The secret ingredient

We choose the people we work with very carefully, especially when it comes to sourcing ingredients. Strong flavoured dishes are cooked on slow flame. The purity, smooth mixture, and fragrance passing through the dishes are the main ingredients. The Secret behind it, is the cheerful happiness and thrilling passion for cooking. It is an adventure we want to share with you by delivering delicious food. Health is a big part of life, we take special precautions to ensure the good health of our customers. Providing quality food for an occasion or an event builds the foundation of happiness of our guests.

Our awesome team

Meet the chef

Chef H. Kumar

If your passion is your job

“Cooking is not only my passion but something that is deeply seated in my heart. Not only making but also thinking about food and how to improve it or present it healthy is an occupation that I enjoy. It is truly an art to know about cooking. I believe that it is way more than just tossing ingredients together. The feelings one has while cooking touches the result of the food. That is why I stay excited and happy to make the food delicious for you.”